alexander lauf


When a child grows up under the influence of Spielberg's films, they are forever enchanted by the gripping stories, immersive atmosphere and sophisticated tricks of a master at work. It was precisely this master who opened the door to Alexander's interest in classical film tricks and classic animation, thus inspiring him to study animation at the Private Film School in Zlin. Keenly aware of that fact that ever-changing technology would continue to disrupt the norm, Alexander then chose to attend Prague’s FAMU, this time in the field of special effects film and 3D animation. Alex has since applied this fulsome experience to his career. With such exhaustive training, Alex might rightly be called a 'classic filmmaker': his understanding of the craft means that every decision he makes as a director comes from a reasoned, practical, and inspired place. Alex's razor-sharp eye for visual storytelling has helped develop his own unique sense of style, and paired with an uncompromising approach to his craft, Alex manages to perfect the short ad format without sacrificing any of his visual mastery. In all of his work, Alex strikes a balance between the evocative atmosphere he creates, the precision with which he captures performances -- even from young actors -- and his expertise in complex post-production processes. Throughout the filmmaking process, however, it is Alex's visually arresting, artistic, and imaginative world that truly sets him apart.