One might say that nothing good can come from associating a weapon (gun) with a face-powder box (powder). And yet, Jonáš and Marika, the Gunpowder director duo, make quick work out of convincing us otherwise. Nine years of experience in a leading advertising agency have made Jonáš - the art director, and Marika - the copywriter/idea maker, understand advertising as well as anybody. As they put it themselves: ‘The advertising message is sacred to us.’ Together they’ve been collaborating as a director duo for more than 3 years, and love facing the challenges that come with taking on both the creative and executive aspects of their brand.

As concerns their style, the typical thing about them is that there is nothing typical at all. Due to their agency experience, they’re accustomed to hopping flexibly from project to project and adapting to the assignment as needed. This universality, however, results in a couple of common features that come to bear in every production they do: working with intelligent humor, a sense of perfectionism, and a refined visual style. They always put a piece of themselves into their work and, therefore, select only those scripts they really believe in.

In addition to collaborating with such companies as 48, Curaprox, O2, and T-Mobile, Jonáš is a feature-length filmmaker - his film, ‘The Candidate’, is his most popular to date among Slovak moviegoers; and Marika splits her time working as a professional fashion blogger. This double hit of craft and creativity makes this duo an explosive combination. Gunpowder.