never stop trying


case study

director: martin werner
production house: bacon cph
service production: boogiefilms
producer: malene dyhring
director of photography: lasse frank
art director: simone grau roney

On the road, day after day, every week a different city, with different sights, cultures, people. No familiarity for a wayfarer. The only comfort taken in the home beneath the circus tent, the ritual of constructing the Big Top, taking it down again; always on the move. But love can bloom in unexpected places, even for a circus clown. Dreaming about her, watching her on the trapeze, she takes your breath away — Isabelle. Envisioning the future you could have, the sweet comfort of laying your head down next to her at night, it inspires you to take a leap of faith. So you write her a letter, a confession of your feelings told with the sincerest of emotions. But she is the star of the show, coveted by so many around you. Why would she respond to your gesture of affection? Yet she has not even the opportunity, as others sabotage your honest attempts. But you will not give up — you try a second time, emboldened and determined. And yet again you are thwarted. Finally, a third chance — you wait and watch behind the wings, her slight figure silhouetted in the glow of the stage lights. Will you win her heart? Or will you give up? The story’s end can only be found in the new 75 second film from director Martin Werner. Produced by Bacon and Brandhouse agency, Boogie Films is honoured to provide service production for Interflora’s newest campaign.