adam vopička


Adam Vopička identifies himself first and foremost as an advertising director. He understands the needs of a client and takes pride in putting the main focus on the product, without compromising artistic and visual side of the spot. Adam considers himself a perfectionist, which gives him the urge to make sure that every video he directs is coherent and impeccable in every little detail. Thanks to the years of experience he can look at a task at hand and come up with a way to not only fulfil clients needs, but also exceed them in the best possible way.

As a musician Adam believes that the right sound is a crucial element of any and every good video. His musical background gives him the confidence to work with sound to achieve the best possible marriage of visual and audio. His love for both music and beautiful cinematography is something no comma that accompanies him in both his work and everyday life.

Other than advertising, Adam enjoys directing music videos, where he can put his artistic visions in the foreground and work more with emotions.

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