budweiser budvar: two spots - a boxer and a lawyer

client: budějovický budvar / agency: kaspen/jungv.matt / director: andre stringer / dop: frederik jacobi / music composer: gavin little

about the work

Two spots, at first glance completely dissimilar: A boxer and a lawyer, each from different worlds. One dressed in a suit - the uniform of a man inhabiting a world of laws and contracts; the other in a sweat-drenched undershirt, with bandages and stitches - the uniform of a man whose body has been broken oh so many times. And yet, one thing connects them: “NO!” A resistance, an opposition, an assertion of their own opinions and attitudes.

Petr Němec, a crusader against bank charges, something that all of us facing.

Stanislav Tišer ‘gave’ a symbolic “NO!” to the Czech people, a society that often pigeonholes the Roma and labels them as feeble, possessing neither goals nor tenacity.

These films, like our earlier incarnations, are fundamentally rooted in the world of emotional metaphor and visceral symbolism. Human stories, told through visual poetry and powerful voice-over writing. Truly inspiring. I see these films being a continuation of the core ideas we established in those first films of the campaign—gestural, psychologically potent pieces of advertising that transcend the genre completely. Interpretive. Visceral. Experimental. Simplicity and stylism is the key. This is visual poetry—we are living in an emotional world rather than a strictly realistic one.
-Andre, director-



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