budvar: miracle of birth

client: budweiser budvar / agency: kaspen/jungv.matt / director: milan balog

about the work

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was G… Godweiser. No, this is not a story of a new biblical spot directed by Milan Balog in cooperation with the creative agency Kaspen/JUNG v.Matt and produced by Boogiefilms. This advertisement did not even have a story in the beginning but it had a powerful VO. ‘Despite 120 years of beer production tradition and adherence to the same procedures, Budvar is trying to look at the production process from a new perspective.’ The rest was handled by Milan Balog with the aim of highlighting individuality and details through a collage of creative shots. The most important point was to give new meanings to the images, to visualize the flavor, and to portray everything in a creative way. On the first day, at the moment of the Big Bang, the beauty of a macro close-up originated a universe full of magic and fantasy. On the second day we captured the basic ingredients of water, hops, and malt. All this, naturally, in perfect purity and harmony. Everything was blended and brewed and chemical transformations gave rise to shots of the divine beverage. On the fifth day we advanced through the heavenly foam to the core to pour it into green bottles on the sixth day. On the seventh day Milan was not resting but instead he edited and cut everything to preserve the image of the brand as something exceptional. And after 60 days of production the creation was complete—apart from 2 shots everything was filmed for real. And the outcome? Well, the outcome is quite divine!

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