the moments between

client: čsob / agency: ddb / director: juraj janiš

about the work

Saving for the future when you’re so caught in the moment is made easier with ČSOB, and in their newest campaign our heart strings are plucked by the visual poetry of director Juraj Janiš. Made in collaboration with agency DDB Prague, this series of spots lives in the moments ‘between’ — between love at first sight and the inevitable first date; between a son’s budding interest in girls, and his first love: mom; between daughter’s love of animals and dad’s inability to say no to his little one. That potent sense of “what’s to come” is captured in Janiš’s lyrical and emotional storytelling, with dreamy and dynamic camera work that evokes a certain nostalgia. Set to the iconic and romantic Bobby Hebb hit, Sunny, ČSOB reimagines the tune in a lingering, melodic way with the help of Jiřina Hochová. Janiš’s whimsical touch enlivens DDB Prague’s take on the idea that — with all there is to look forward to, a little effort today will make for a ‘sunny-er’ future tomorrow.

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