everything for your good morning

client: ikea / agency: kaspen/jungv.matt / director: milan balog / dop: antonio riestra

about the work

Some kids dream of being a doctor or a rock star or an entrepreneur, and some kids dream of being a butler. The best butler in the world, that is. When the genius of Ikea meets the genius of a little boy’s imagination, ‘butler’ suddenly takes on a whole new meaning. Kaspen/Jung v. Matt is the agency behind Boogie’s latest collaboration with Ikea, and director Milan Balog is yet again at the helm, this time with master DP Antonio Riestra.

The story stands or falls by how we present the boy to the audience... He is dignified. He is precise. He is never satisfied the first time. Everything he does, he does accurately—he aligns, fine-tunes and re-checks. He is consistent. Nothing is good enough unless approved or done by him.

Nothing is good enough’. This could be a mantra for Milan, who always aims to do the best he can do. This being Milan’s second spot with Ikea, he was committed to making it even better than the first. A hard task. It meant a balance of inspiration, razor-sharp planning, and a very solid team passionate to craft a single vision.



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