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client: AA / agency: brando dublin / director: milan balog

about the work

Childhood is where imagination takes root. It’s the ripe soil out of which creativity, invention, and even fantasy grows. And when we are lost, our imagination acts as a dowsing rod, a compass helping us make sense of the world around us.

In this new spot produced by Boogie Films, imagination is to a young mind as AA Insurance is to the experienced problem solver. Directed by Milan Balog and DP’ed by Alexander Šurkala in collaboration with Agency Brando Ireland, this is the third in a series of films for AA Insurance. In this spot, the keen, creative realm of childish imagination is the fantastical lens through which a young girl comes to understand an everyday car problem. But this spot is very far from the everyday: shot on location in Africa, the sprawling, saturated landscape and curious strangers that inhabit it offer a visually arresting and strikingly dissonant collision of two worlds. And yet this spot shows us that the safety and surety of AA insurance can reach beyond imagination, and plant us with two feet firmly on the ground.

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