interflora: odd love

production house: bacon cph / service production: boogiefilms /

director: martin werner

about the work

More than halfway through math class and you’re counting the minutes. Trying to focus on what’s in front of you, the teacher drones on amid the scratching of pencils, the murmur of students’ tired sighs. But you’re preoccupied, distracted by a captivating subject that’s had you worrying for weeks. She’s at the centre of your attention, with long brown locks, a sweet smile and vexing hazel eyes. But you and her are worlds apart, how could she love you? You’re on the fringes, looked at askance for your black hair, eyeliner, gothic style: an outsider where she dwells in the centre. So what will you do to get noticed by her? But you’re decided: she is worth the sacrifice. The next day, you cast off your brooding image, and from your old shadow you emerge anew: a smart haircut; clean-shaven; black eyeliner the only memory of your prior self. Will it be enough to make this odd love real?



. . .

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