interflora: making a happy mess of love

production house: bacon cph / service production: boogiefilms /

director: martin werner / dop: lasse frank 

about the work

You love your children, but your grandchildren are your favourite. You get to spoil them without the discipline; play with them but let them break the rules; you let them push the boundaries of what you would allow your own children, because after all — you only have them for the weekend. It’s the joy of parenting, without all the headache. Or so it seems. When they “free” your budgie from the birdcage, you aren’t angry. When they play “dress up” with your expensive makeup, you don’t shout. You don’t mind when they help “trim” the rose garden, nor do you call their parents when they “explore” your rare LP collection while “cooking” a fine meal… without cleaning up. Instead, your love for them makes a simple task of catching the loosed birds, pitching the broken perfume bottles and atomizers. After all, you can plant some new flowers for next season, and if memory serves you — those old tunes from your collection can play on in your own mind. Because at night, when you put your dear little ones to bed, you’re happy to sleep on the floor next to them. And are you waiting for a thank you? Well, sometimes yes and sometimes no. But sometimes, “thank you” is just not enough.



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