glohealth: runners are amazing

client: glohealth / agency: brando dublin / director: milan balog

about the work

This is insurance company GloHealth’s debut TVC, a simple, streamlined message that celebrates the ingenuity and persistence of the human spirit in the face of something challenging. And in this case - the strength, beauty, and tireless passion of runners. Created with the Brando agency in Dublin along with director Milan Balog, the shoot itself was a marathon...

Diversity is the most essential key and everything else derives from it. The spot must feel as if it were filmed continuously for several months with a range of different people, locations, atmospheres, and visual approaches. Although the whole spot feels like we have been collecting random interesting moments for a longer time, we underline 4 key moments—the Irish feel, the opening with Runners are amazing.’, the visual interpretation of ‘confidence’, and the visual interpretation of the benefit ‘And for the times you ́re not... We`ll be amazing...’. The voice over will then feel more organic, linked more closely to the image. We need to convey the ‘Irishness’ in more than a single shot—a recurrent motif would be the best way.

The approach was simple:
Stay lean, stay fit, stay agile, stay flexible & slim. Cut out the fat that slows you down. And lastly, get creative: turn disadvantage into your advantage. So how to be fast (30 minutes a shot); move fast (6-7 locations per day); shoot fast (what to shoot on)? We did it the old fashioned way: feet on the pavement, face to face with our task, ourselves. 



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