škoda superb: how do you get a car to dance?

production house: bee film / service production: boogiefilms /

director: bernd seiboldt

about the work

What is the new Skoda Superb like?Much like the feeling you’d get at a fusion concert where classical meets R n B. At first, the atmosphere is one of mystery, details being revealed one by one: lights alternate shadows, only a thin beat pulsing, teasing you for what’s to come. Tension builds, the curtain finally draws and the real show begins. And from the first note, you know this will be a memorable ride. A revving engine, the burst of acceleration that changes chords into a smoother ride. The incredible comfort inside is paralleled only by car’s graceful, curvaceous exterior — perfectly balanced with a sense of security, reliability. Soulful design, confidence, dynamism. This is the new Skoda Superb.

This long format film was produced over four months in Prague and Lisbon in a highly sensitive, confidential contract protecting the car's identity until the official introduction featuring the "Salut Salon" string quartet and singer Tommy Reeve with the express purpose of premiering the Skoda Superb world-wide for showrooms, car festivals, and exhibitions highlighting the incredible car design by Slovakian designer Jozef Kabaň, renowned for his work on the Bugatti Veyron.



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