tiger beer: interactive

client: tiger beer / agency: brando dublin / director: max turek

about the work

August 21. the D day, as in Digital. Already our second interactive campaign brief for Tiger Beer within a short period of time. This time it’s for a Facebook app. A user logs into their profile, then inputs the names and uploads the photos of friends who will become virtual ‘teammates’.

"What hooked us? The storyline:"
A cab drives through an Asian metropolis— Bangkok? Nighttime, humming neon lights, smoky streets, a contemporary Blade Runner. You—the protagonist—are on the scent of a local beauty who left her cell phone in the cab. The cabdriver lets you off at a club. Humid, hot. You slip inside through a back door, following the shadow of a tiger, your instincts. Will it lead you to her?

"Which director should we choose?"
Max Turek.

"Where should we shoot?"
We need an Asian setting, and a sizable Asian cast. But Prague has only two Asian-style locations. So we opt for Sasazu.

"What should our shooting style be?"
Tiger is a premium beer: fresh, luxurious, sumptuous. How to reflect this? So let’s combine on-location shots with an image bank. Martin Ziaran (camera) will deal with reflections of the city and Jarda Bonish (set design) with neon lights and LED panels upon which we project East Asian signage.

"What about transitions? Editing?"
Based on camera tests, we confirm that the best approach to transitions is through a ‘blinking’ effect. This creates a jerky quality that mirrors the chaotic feel of an Eastern metropolis. The menu on the application itself allows for user-manipulated cuts and transitions.

"Life imitates art / Art imitates life"
Just like in the spot, we finish filming at 4 AM. 22 hours of shooting, and the cellphone has found its owner. Tired, happy, satisfied, we all follow our instincts and crack a Tiger Beer. Great way to cap off a great shoot.



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