tomáš bařina


Tomáš is a storytelling director whose main weapon is life and fantasy, which he blends into a harmonious whole in his works. As he puts it himself, fantasy is a muscle that needs to be worked out, particularly so if you draw on everyday experience in your works. And that is the way it has been for this movie and advertisement director his entire life. He turned his studies at an art school, his talent and fancy for writing books into his love for celluloid and a decision to become a director. After graduating in film direction from Film and TV School of Academy of Performing Arts in Prague he made two successful feature films. Nevertheless, he has pursued advertising spot creation throughout most of his professional life. During his 13 years in the field, he has established a reputation of a director who knows how to tell stories through imagery, how to use cinematographic condensation, build a funny punchline, and work with both actors and props. Using these techniques, Tomáš is able to develop a story full of expectation, which often changes—into a surprise, i.e., the basis of humor in his works. The outcome is a professionally filmed commercial adhering to the cinematographic rules, which Tomáš respects affectionately.

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