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client: notino / creative agency: konektor / director: milan balog

about the work

Being a woman in the world is tough. Nobody knows this better than women themselves: act like a man and think like a lady, look effortlessly gorgeous but work doubly as hard as the man standing next to you. You’re a shadow boxer, preparing for the next hit, the unseen opponent, always staying alert and open to possibility. The expectations are high. And on top of it all, you’re to perform everything with ease, charm and grace. Just like that.

In this new film for Notino, we see the world through her eyes. But here, she operates with her own set of rules, her own expectations and standards executed with poise and panache. Her secret weapon? Notino.

Here at boogiefilms, we knew this campaign would be a very important job. Notino has undertaken rebranding with the help of the Konektor agency, consolidating its image across the 14 markets in which it currently operates, and launching a plan to expand into another five. As such, nothing in this campaign could be left to chance. Just like the protagonists in this film, we had to execute everything perfectly. So we brought on the expertise of none other than Milan Balog to steer the ship.

Filming over 3 days and 10 shooting locations all across Prague, we pulled it off thanks to Balog and the sharp eye of DoP Mark Bliss. With the stellar casting we discovered out of The Czech Republic and Slovakia — covering a swath of characters and roles. From director, to DP, to the cast, the script and the Notino label, we ensured the brand relaunch had everything covered.



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