alice nellis


Alice Nellis is a film, theatre and commercial director & screenwriter. The second thing you might say about her is that she’s a ‘woman filmmaker’ — but that’d be too easy, limiting even.

Besides, Nellis hates being pigeonholed. On the contrary, she’s someone who defies category, bringing new approaches and fresh perspectives. This is evident in her work: each project is a unique marriage between form and content, where this dance creates a wholly new expression. So it’d be incorrect to talk about Alice’s ‘uniform’ film style. Instead, she brings her entire self to storytelling — documentary, drama, comedy. This woman’s got an army behind her.

But one thing is always true about Alice, and that’s her internal energy. A vitality radiates from her and flows through her work. Her directing is thus led by gut knowledge, the relationship between her and the subject/s, and how this connection pushes her to discover the true, personal meaning of things.

In short, Alice goes deep. And her laurels prove it: she’s won a Czech Lion for Best Screenplay (Výlet), Best Film (Tajemství), and an Audience Award IFF KV (Revival) plus more. But when she’s not making movies, winning awards or defying category, she is breeding horses, crocheting or trying to figure out world peace!

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