jiří horenský


Jiří Horenský is Prague based director, screenwriter, (self proclaimed) artist and cheese enthusiast.

Growing up during the nineties, glued to the television, watching VHS classics over and over again while - of course - being quite introverted child, turned him into a true millennial filmmaker with blurred borderlines between genres, styles and approaches.

After finishing film studies and overcoming his "academic" phase he fell in love with short format and intense power of commercials, music videos and fashion films with intention and urge to combine every influence coming up his way. Rich and highly aesthetized imagery, absurd humour, raw emotions, focus on the human element with bit of a twist and wit, and love for both good craft and good experiment.

He spent last couple years creating commercials and content for both big brands like adidas, Sazka, Škoda auto or Ria and small startups, fashion designers and musicians while developing his style into what it is today. Artful yet honest and truly human genre and style bending search for something new and true.

He is currently recovering from his introverted childhood and would love to work with you on your next project.

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