max turek


I grew up on the streets of New York where through being chased by bodyguards off of marble pavements making skateboarding videos I realised that my future lied in film making. Film sets seemed to be a safer option so from a young age I started dreaming up ideas, which with minimal equipment I began turning into reality. In the late teens I moved back to Europe and attended the University of Westminster in London studying film. At the same time I began filming with boogiefilms juggling my time between London and Prague allowing me to evolve as a filmmaker working on projects in the professional industry, which introduced a whole new world of working under pressure. I love working on visual projects that push the boundaries of our everyday stereotypes. When not working I take my time off skateboarding, chillin maxin relaxing sipping on some gin & tonic, living to the fullest & sleeping. If i wasn't spending my time directing I would love to be a Rally driver as I am sort of an adrenaline junkie… One of my favourite projects I have made has been the Test Commercial for Ray Ban, for which I have won the 2nd prize at the young director awards in Cannes.

in 2019, I was included in the prestigious Forbes ranking "30 TALENTS UNDER 30 YEARS" made about talents who were less than 30 years old and already excel in their field.

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