jonáš karásek


Ten years of experience in a leading advertising agency as an art director and creative director have made Jonáš understand advertising as well as anybody.
He is the holder of many creative awards and also the most valuable personal award in Slovak advertising, Filip. It was also reflected in his style of shooting.
The typical thing about him is that there is nothing typical at all. Due to his agency experience, he is accustomed to hopping flexibly from project to project and adapting to the assignment as needed.
This universality, however, results in a couple of common features that come to bear in every production they do: working with intelligent humor, a sense of perfectionism, and a refined visual style.
He always put a piece of himself into his work and, therefore, select only those scripts he believes in.
In addition to collaborating with such companies as T-Mobile, Orange, O2, Curaprox, McDonald’s Heineken, Jonáš is a feature-length filmmaker.
His first film, ‘The Candidate’, was the seventh most successful Slovak film by its audience at the time of its premiere.
His second film "Amnesty" was a most successful movie on the Slovak National Film Awards 2020 with six awards and had seven nominations on the Czech National Film Prize.

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