emile rafael


Nourished during his youth in Prague by both the bohemian landscape of Central Europe and its history of art and filmmaking, Emile Rafael’s passion for art took root early on. Those childhood encounters with art and filmmaking have now blossomed into a career as a celebrated director and artist flourishing in the creative hothouse of London. His love of painting, documentary films and cleverly integrated VFX heavily influences his voice as an artist in video art, pushing him to seek out visual boldness and human truth in equal measure on every assignment. 

Emile is a frequent collaborator with Nowness. His video for MØ’s “Walk This Way” earned him the trophy for Danish Music Video of the Year at the 2014 Danish Music Awards. Emile was also shortlisted for the Next Director Awards with his Nowness short film profiling legendary writer Alan Moore, titled “His Heavy Heart.” Emile had a number of solo exhibitions in London.

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